• Is Jumping Jack able to start every car?

    Jumping Jack can start a wide range of cars depending on the model. The Superlite is suitable for petrol cars up to 1800cc. The Lite is suitable for petrol cars up to 2000cc. The Max is suitable for both petrol and diesel cars up to 2500cc, while the Supermax is suitable for both petrol and diesel engines up to 3000cc.

  • How do I jump-start a car with my Jumping Jack?

    Plug the jump lead cables into Jumping Jack. Then connect the crocodile clips at the other end of the lead to the car battery, attaching the red clip to the red car battery terminal, (sometimes called the positive or marked with a + symbol), and the black clip to the black, negative (-) terminal. Make sure that your Jumping Jack is showing at least two bars on the power indicator before jump-starting any car. Once the cables are in place, turn the key to start the engine. When the engine is running, remove the crocodile clips from the car battery.

  • Is Jumping Jack compatible with all smart phones?

    Yes, Jumping Jack is compatible with Apple, Android and almost all electronic devices requiring a 5V charge. The provided cable offers connection to almost all smart phone brands. Even if the connection you need is not provided, you can use your own cable connected straight to Jumping Jack.

  • Can all Jumping Jacks charge laptops and tablets?

    All Jumping Jack models can charge tablets as they offer a 2.1a output. The Lite, Max and Supermax can all charge laptops as they have a 12v,16v and 19v output. The Superlite is not laptop compatible as its output is only 12v.

  • Will Jumping Jack charge my MacBook?

    Jumping Jack is currently not compatible with Macbook laptops, however, we are constantly trying to update the connections we offer and hope to be able to support this in the future.

  • How long does it take to charge the average smartphone using Jumping Jack?

    This depends on a number of factors, if the phone is being used while it is being charged, the charge time will be longer. The type of phone and the size of the battery can also affect the charge time. On average, it takes around 90 seconds for every 1% of charge.

  • What is the difference between 2.1a and 1a USB ports?

    The 1a is made for charging smaller devices, such as smart phones and cameras. The 2.1a has more capacity and offers more speed ( 2 x faster than 1a ports), so therefore is used for bigger devices, such as tablets. It is completely fine to charge your smartphone using either the 2.1a port or the 1a, but, 2.1a is recommended for charging tablets and the 1a for phones. It is recommended that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions when charging your devices.

  • I am worried about 2.1a being too powerful to charge my phone as it normally uses 1a. Will this shorten the battery life?

    Most smart phones on the market now can handle a 2.1a charge. Plugging a phone into a charger which supplies more current (amperage) will not harm the phone. The majority of modern smart phones are charged by demand, meaning they only take the power they need.

  • How do I recharge my Jumping Jack?

    Jumping Jack comes with a three pin mains charger as well as an in-car charger. The quickest way to charge the Jumping Jack is to use the three pin mains charge. The in-car charger can also be used when charging is required on the move, however the charge time of your Jumping Jack will be longer.

  • How long does it take to charge my Jumping Jack?

    Charge times can vary from 3 hours to 6+ hours depending on the Jumping Jack model. Using the mains charger is the quickest method of recharging the Jumping Jack. The in-car charger is useful for charging on the move, but it may take a lot longer to charge the Jumping Jack.

  • Can Jumping Jack charge two devices at once?

    Each Jumping Jack differs. The Superlite does not support dual charging. The Lite and the Max allow the user to charge a device through the 5v/2.1a USB port at the same time as using the laptop terminal, allowing for charging of laptops or other devices. The Supermax has two 5V/2.1A USB ports as well as the laptop terminal meaning that up to 3 devices can be charged at once.

  • How long will Jumping Jack hold its charge?

    Jumping Jacks can hold their charge for up to 6 months, however they may experience a slight drop in the amount of power stored if they are not used or recharged during this time.

  • What do I get in my Jumping Jack box?

    All models except for the Superlite come with a handy carrying case. Each Jumping Jack includes jump leads, a 4 in 1 multi-lead, a three pin charging adaptor and an in-car charger. All models, except the Superlite, also come with an array of connections to suit different brands of laptops, MacBook connections do not come as standard however. Cameras, portable games consoles and many different types of portable electronic devices can be charged via the 4 in 1 cable which has a 30 pin Apple connection, a Lighting Connection, a Mini USB connection and a Micro USB connection.

  • What happens if there is a fault with my Jumping Jack?

    If there is a fault with your product, please visit our delivery and returns page. Alternatively you can contact our customer support team by sending an email to support@thejumpingjack.com or give them a call on 0800 0389180. We endeavour to fix any problems you have as quickly as we can.

  • What is your return and warranty policy?

    To see our warranty, please visit the Jumping Jack warranty page. All the details you will need around warranty can be found there. Information on our returns policy can be found on the delivery and returns page. If you still have warranty or returns questions, feel free to email our customer support team on support@thejumpingjack.com Or give them a call on 0800 0389180.

  • Do you accept international orders?

    Our standard delivery options include delivery to Northern Ireland, UK and Republic of Ireland. For international orders, please contact us for more information.