Going hiking this Summer? Stay charged on the move

There’s nothing better than taking a Hike through the forest, up a mountain or through the hills in the summer months. When the sun appears and nature calls, it’s time to answer.

Or maybe the sun doesn’t appear and you just enjoy a good hike, either way, I think we can all agree that it’s pretty great. That being said, there can be some downsides to a lengthy stroll through the open lands. Tree’s and rocks tend to lack plug sockets, and how are you supposed to charge your phone without a plug socket? Loosing charge on your phone can leave you without music to keep you powering through, or even lead to a missed photo opportunity. After all, if you’ve just spent the last 4 hours trekking up a mountain in the summer sun, or lashing rain (if you’re a bit of a diehard) you’ll at least want a photo on your Instagram account to prove it. That’s where we come in, your Knights in shining armour. Maybe not shining armour, maybe we’re more your Knights in ‘made out of portable chargers’ armour.  That’s what we would do here at the Jumping Jack, in case you weren’t aware. We make portable chargers that provide you with energy in even the most baron of lands. Lost up a mountain without a charge on your phone? Don’t even worry about it. Well maybe worry a little, but worry less with your trusted Jumping Jack portable power bank. It’ll provide you with that sweet power that you need to recharge your phone and call in the rescue team. Or maybe you’re not helpless soul who can’t even take a leisurely stroll through the mountains without getting lost, maybe you just enjoy having your gadgets around. If that’s the case, then the Jumping Jack portable charger range is for you my friend.

Our range of portable chargers, power banks, power packs, or whatever you would prefer to call them come in a range of sizes. They start off small and get a little less small. Small, but powerful, that’s a thing we say sometimes. Just like the Jumping Jack Ant itself, it’s small in size but packs a powerful punch. Something tells me you may have heard that before… moving on.  Our portable chargers are broken up into two categories. You’ve got your Little Jacks and your Jumping Jacks. Your Little Jacks will recharge virtually every smart phone up to a varying amount of times, some will also recharge your tablets, go pro or other portable actions cameras. They’re extremely handy to have around for all the above reasons mentioned – ie not getting lost in the wilderness, or missing out on a super slick photo opportunity. The Jumping Jack portable charger range will power all these things and more. These little beasts will also Jump Start your car ladies and gentlemen, they’ll even jump start a boat. Got a small aircraft? They’ll jump start that too. These are type of portable power packs you want to have around if you decide to turn your hiking trip into a camping trip. It’s a range we’re extremely proud of and we recommend you check them out. Remember, don’t get stuck… get jacked! Does that sound weird?