We’ve just made our mighty Max even better!

Here at Jumping Jack, we’re committed to offering the very best emergency jumpstarters and portable USB chargers around.

Since we first launched online just a little over 3 months ago, our mighty Max has been a best seller. Packing a mighty punch, the Max can jump-start petrol and diesel engines up to 2.5 litres capacity… that’s enough oomph to look after almost 90% of cars on British roads today!

But being much more than an emergency jump start pack, the Max’s 13,600 mAh lithium battery can also recharge many of the most popular consumer electronic devices around today.

iPhone? Yup, it’ll charge every iPhone from the very first iPhone right up to the very latest iPhone 6 Plus, including the iPhone 3, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5S and 6 And of course, it can take care of iPads of all varieties too. Android phones, phablets and tablets? Sure thing, just plug in the micro USB connection and your device will be charging in seconds. Kindles of all flavours? Tick. Laptops? Yeah, it’ll take care of most laptops on the market today, with the exception of MacBooks… and we’re looking into that one as we speak. Go Pros? Sure, just go charge! And , it’ll look after much more besides.

So after initially struggling to think how we could possible make one of the best portable chargers and jump start packs on the market today any better… we had a moment of inspiration. Why not make it even better value? So we’ve done just that and we’ve now reduced the price from £75 to £69.99 including free potage and packing to any address in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

It’s the same great, mighty, Max product that is already an established best-seller. It’s still supplied with the brilliant 4-in-1 Jumping Jack Charging Cable. And it still comes complete with a wide range of laptop charging tips and crocodile clips too. It now just happens to costs a little bit less. Plus, order a Little Jack portable USB charger alongside any Jumping Jack and you’ll get get 15% off your Little Jack too.

Click here to order your Max today!